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Eurojavea inmobiliaria cuenta con una amplia oferta de inmuebles de todo tipo en la zona de la Costa Blanca, disponemos de agentes colegiados, profesionales y con experiencia para llevar a cabo la venta eficaz y en el menor tiempo posible de sus bienes inmuebles.

Eurojavea Inmobiliaria since 1998
P.Almirante Bastarreche, nş 9
03730 Jávea / Xŕbia ( Alicante )

03730 Jávea / Xŕbia  (Alicante)
Tel. +34 96 5794290
Fax. +34 96 5795208
M. +34 699061464



Parcela en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Ejp-41a

Parcela en Jávea / Xŕbia
Sup. Parcela: 1.040 m˛

Precio: 169.000 €

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Apartamento en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Eja-647

Apartamento en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 2
Sup. Construida: 110 m˛

Precio: 189.000 €

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Casa adosada en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Eja-646

Casa adosada en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 4
Sup. Construida: 241 m˛

Precio: 280.000 €

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Chalet en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Ejv-670

Chalet en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 4
Sup. Construida: 200 m˛

Precio: 360.000 €

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Apartamento en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Eja-654

Apartamento en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 2
Sup. Construida: 90 m˛

Antes: 450.000 € Ahora: 395.000 €

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Chalet en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Ejv-636

Chalet en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 4
Sup. Útil: 191 m˛

Antes: 575.000 € Ahora: 495.000 €

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Chalet en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Ejv-629

Chalet en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 3
Sup. Útil: 386 m˛

Precio: 649.000 €

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Chalet en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Ejv-527

Chalet en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 4
Sup. Útil: 454 m˛

Precio: 795.000 €

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Chalet en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Ejv-522

Chalet en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 4
Sup. Útil: 300 m˛

Antes: 900.000 € Ahora: 850.000 €

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Villa de Lujo en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Ejv-32

Villa de Lujo en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 6
Sup. Construida: 450 m˛

Precio: 990.000 €

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Villa de Lujo en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta ejv-359

Villa de Lujo en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 4
Sup. Útil: 396 m˛

Precio: 1.150.000 €

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Casa adosada en Jávea / Xŕbia
Venta Eja-612

Casa adosada en Jávea / Xŕbia
Habitaciones: 5

Precio: 1.200.000 €

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La opinión de nuestros clientes

El ańo pasado 2009 decidimos comprar un apartamento en Jávea, por lo que nos pusimos con varias agencias inmobiliarias, siendo Eurojávea con la que encotramos desde el primer momento mayor sintonía con las personas que trabajan en la agencia, por su amabilidad y su trato cercano.Gracias a su profesionalidad conseguimos encontrar y comprar el apartamento que se ajustaba a nuestros propósitos.Ellos se encargaron de realizar los trámites necesarios para la compra, y estuvieron en todo momento a nuestra entera disposición. Mantenemos desde entonces una muy buena relación.
Un saludo.
L.Z. y R.C.
Valencia, Espańa
I herewith confirm that I have been selling Mrs Gloor's flat in Javea, and that I was dealing from the begining with Eurojavea, since Mrs Gloor spoke no English.The first contact I had was with Stephan, who came and visit Mrs Gloor flat, giving his opinion about the price etc, taking pictures.
His very open and profesionnal manner made me think, that he would sell Mrs Gloors's flat (I had involved five other agencies in Javea for the sale of this flat.)

After this, I had lot of email contact with Marie Jose, who managed to arrange perfectly all the administrative tasks. It was difficult to find a date for selling the flat, since the buyers live in Belgium and Mrs Gloor and I in Switzerland. On the top of that Mrs Gloor had to stay in hospital for a while, which made the things even more difficult for Marie Jose. She understood the situation very well
Finally and after only short notice Mrs Gloor was able to travel and Marie Jose arranged everything so that the sale could take place.

Just before the sale could take place we went to Eurojavea's office where everything was well prepared for the sale. Then I met Lydia who came with us to the court and gave all the necessary information. At the court, she made everything pefectly, translated to me in English and in French for the buyers. The way she acted showed that this was not the first transaction she had in the court and gave me a very profesional impression.

For these reasons, I can sincerely recommend Eurojavea to anyone selling or bying a property. This small team worked very efficently, hand in hand, are very polite and friendly and show lots of understanding in particular situations. At any time they explained everything about the procedures, costs, etc, since I was not familar with the spanish laws and I can confirm that I had no bad surprise afterwards. Everything was just PERFECT !!

Jeff Gränicher, Switzerland


Disponibilitad, competencia y eficacia son los calificativos que asigno sin reserva al equipe de EuroJavea.
Quitando de su servicio, ya dirigi amigos que compraron y que comparten mi analisis.

P. Paolo Bigi. ITALIA


Anyone looking to market their property in the Javea area should look no further than the office of Eurojavea down in the port. We used them to help sell our Javea apartment and couldn't have been more pleased with the service we received. From the outset the team in the office were very helpful and friendly and held our hand through the whole selling process, from the start, with advice on pricing and marketing, to the completion at the Notary's office. Their office is ideally placed to get maximum exposure to prospective purchasers and they provided plenty of those too. It was also very useful that they can speak many languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch and German. In short, they are the best agents in town and we have no hesitation in recommending them.
>Michael and Linda Lewis U.K.


" The Eurojavea team are friendly, enthusiastic and, most importantly, realistic. The sale of my villa was completed in less than four months of going on the market. Their motto should be; right property, right price, right client">Steve Jones , U.K.

Hello Stephan!

Yes, we can really recommend you as an agent.
You have been helpful thru the hole process of bying an apartment in Spain. First showing us many different objects, helping with papers of different kinds and with contacts with all official authorties. You have also been helpful even after the deal was completed.

Jan Peterson Sweden más

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